vRoot downloader is a single small application that allows you to root any android smart device in a simple single click. You are eligible to download vRoot APK or vRoot English version for Windows with this section. vRoot 1.7.8 is the finally updated vRoot APK but is compatible only with the Chinese language at this moment. If you are using an Android smart device in the range between 2.3 to 5.1 this application extremely compatible with your device. vRoot download maintains a very simple user interface. Hence, rooting with vRoot 1.7.8 or lower version is much simple than utilizing any other application. Download the respective version or the latest one clicking on direct download links below to take awesome advantages plus single click rooting experience.

vRoot Downloader Features

  • One Click Root
    • You can root your own Android smart device with a single click after installing vRoot APK or executing the application on a PC platform. Just have to open the application >> connect to the PC (only for PC users) >> click Root button.
  • Recovery Root
    • While getting harder to root devices via the file explorer, the next attempt automatically merged into fastboot mode. Then the application roots the system using the Recovery Root method.
  • Installer
    • vRoot downloader for PC app comes in an installer setup format. After downloading the tool on your Windows computer it should install manually before connecting the smart object to the PC.

vRoot Download Links

Download vRoot APK 1.7.8 vRoot Download Download vRoot
  • Filename: vRoot_1.7.8.apk
  • File_Size: 4.09MB
  • File_Type: Android Package Kit file
  • File_Extension: .apk
  • Filename: vRoot_1.8.8.20465_Setup
  • File_Size: 31.40MB
  • File_Type: zip-compressed
  • File_Extension: .zip
  • Unzip Password:
  • Filename: vRoot_1.7.2.4128_Setup
  • File_Size: 5.38MB
  • File_Type: zip-compressed
  • File_Extension: .zip
  • Unzip Password:

Download vRoot Download vRoot Download vRoot
  • Filename: vRoot_1.7.1.4028_Setup
  • File_Size: 4.98MB
  • File_Type: zip-compressed
  • File_Extension: .zip
  • Unzip Password:
  • Filename: vRoot_1.7.0.3882_Setup
  • File_Size: 5.18MB
  • File_Type: zip-compressed
  • File_Extension: .zip
  • Unzip Password:
  • Filename: vRoot_1.6.0.3690_Setup
  • File_Size: 4.77MB
  • File_Type: zip-compressed
  • File_Extension: .zip
  • Unzip Password:

Requirements for vRoot PC

  • Installed USB device driver software.
  • A recommended USB data cable.
  • Deactivate security patterns and passcodes until the process completed.
  • Maintain 50% of minimum battery life.
  • No need to install CWM.

How to Unroot Android with vRoot Downloader

  • Launch vRoot download on your PC or directly from your Android smart device.
  • If you are a PC user, connect the device to the computer using a USB code.
  • Click or tap on "Unroot" button to easily unroot the mobile with vRoot downloader.
  • Go to the homepage for more details about rooting an Android via vRoot PC or vRoot APK.

Wrapping Up

If you were looking for the better and stable application to gain superuser clearances on your own Android smart device this is the marvelous application to root any kind of Android device in an easy way. the vRoot download is compatible with a large number of Android devices that running on 2.3 to 5.1 Android versions. The final vRoot v1.7.8 update is coming in the Chinese language at this moment. You can use the exposed previous versions to manage root permissions with the vRoot download in a single click.